Top 40 and Hit Songs of the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's:

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Songs your Grandparents danced to.

Music your parents partied to.

Records that folks discoed to.

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The Beatles

Bell Bottoms and Big Hair

Michael Jackson

Early Rock 'N' Roll

Dance Crazes: 'The Stroll', 'The Twist', 

Folk Songs, Protest Songs, 

the British Invasion

Disco, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

The songs on this site are arranged in alphabetical order by the title.  They will be set up like this:

( A link to a video of the song)


  (a link to a biogaphy of the singer or group)


(When the recording first went on sale)


( Pictures of the singers or groups from their early days.)


(A more recent picture if they remained active in the music business.) 


( A link to the song's lyrics.)

All the songs on this site are listed in alphabetical order.  Click on the letter below to go to the songs beginning with that letter.

 Titles beginning with 'A' or 'An' will be under A.  Titles beginning with 'The' will be under T.  If a song is known by different titles, such as "The Letter" by the Boxtops, commonly called "Give Me a Ticket to an Airplane", then I will try to list each title under the appropriate letter., T or G. There will be multiple links for some songs if more than one artist did a creditable version of it or if it is known by different titles.
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NEW: All of the singers, groups and bands referred to on this site are listed in alphabetical order.  Click on the links below to go to the page listing the Artist(s) you are interested in.
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Some of the artists represented in this listing are: Television Shows from the Same Period, some Good Links
Santana Willie Nelson Los BravosBobby Darin George Thorogood Johnny RiversRoy Orbison Cliff Richard Del Shannon Jim CroceHarry Nilson Don McLean Righteous BrothersJay and the Americans Rupert Holmes The BeatlesBuddy Holly Paul Revere and the Raiders,  The Doors,  The Eagles,  Dion,  Mitch Rider and the Detroit Wheels,  Chicago,  Manfred Mann,  Three Dog Night,  Ray Charles,  Tommy James and the Shondells,  Brian Adams Elvis Presley Doby Gray,  Elton John, Queen, Brenda Lee : A listing of hundreds of old-time television shows with links to show formats, airing dates, casts, etc. :  Alphabetical list of old tv shows with links to excerpts, casts, pictures, and series DVD's for sale.

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6.  This site lists many common slang expressions used by kids during the 1950's.  There are also links to other retro sites.

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