1. Basic English the Mikie Metric Way: Lessons on grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, word usage, etc.  Study on-line, get lessons free via e-mail, or purchase them in print, on a floppy disk, or on a CD.

2. English for Everyday Living: Practical words and sentences in America English for speaking about the common things and places in your life - your bedroom, your bathroom, in your yard, at the store, at school, etc.

3. Original Children's stories, poems, stories-in-verse. See samples, find links to e-books, order paper books at www.mikiemetric.net .

4. Gluten-Free Recipes . For people who are gluten (wheat) sensitive or have Celiac Disease, this site provides recipes that can bring a bit of normalcy to one's diet.

5. WATER TOWERS by Rob . A rather complete batch of water tower pictures, along with interesting or historical information about them.

6. Lift Equipment.   http://www.shoppas.com/smh/ . Welcome to Shoppas.com, a leading name in material handling.  We provide a broad array of warehouse solutions, new and pre-owned industrial vehicles, and golf carts!

7.  Oldiez 93 radio station, playing the best songs of the 60's and 70's, at 93.3 FM, Williamsport, PA.


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